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GMT Forex investment plans

You can choose one of the most suitable tariff plans for you

PAMM - 100

Invested Amount: $10 –100
Guaranteed Income by Term: 140%
Floating Interest Rate: 1.2%
Daily Interest Rate (fixed) x: 1
Final Interest Rate (daily): 1.2%
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PAMM - 1000

Invested Amount: $101 –1000
Guaranteed Income by Term: 150%
Floating Interest Rate: 1.2%
Daily Interest Rate (fixed) x: 1.05
Final Interest Rate (daily): 1.26%
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Smart Approach to Investment Try the most effective system!

With GMT FOREX, you can start investing from $ 10 and increase your deposit to $10,000, increasing your investment portfolio an unlimited number of times. GMT Forex team is working to ensure the growth of your capital. We take care of ensuring that our investors work in the best, comfortable conditions and are being confident in the reliability of the services offered by the company.

Return of your invested amount is carried out after the investment period expiration with guaranteed profit.

PAMM - 5000

Invested Amount: $1001 –5000
Guaranteed Income by Term: 160%
Floating Interest Rate: 1.2%
Daily Interest Rate (fixed) x: 1.1
Final Interest Rate (daily): 1.32%
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PAMM - 10000

Invested Amount: $5001 –10000
Guaranteed Income by Term: 170%
Floating Interest Rate: 1.2%
Daily Interest Rate (fixed) x: 1.2
Final Interest Rate (daily): 1.44%
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Where to ask a question? Try the most effective system!

A good business sense is to open PAMM Account, because you are given a really opportunity to make a High Profit without conducting any trading operations on your account without having to know the subtle details of the investment business.

Increase your income using
our affiliate program.

By inviting new partners to open a PAMM account, you will receive an interest income according to their deposits amount. The amount of a reward depends on the investment plan you have chosen before.

Pamm status Pamm-100 Pamm-1000 Pamm-5000 Pamm-10000
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Invest 7%
Invest 7% 3% 2%
Reinvest 3%
Invest 10% 5% 3% 2%
Reinvest 5%
Invest 10% 5% 5% 3% 2%
Reinvest 5%
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