Global Tool for Forex Market

GMT Forex is a unique tool which ensures efficient and successful work for both experienced traders

and beginners who do not have much experience in the Forex Market

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A high-level customer service and access to the trading platform anywhere in the world



Traders’ signals copying and order creating are easy-to-understand even for people who are not professionals in exchange trading


Self-explanatory user interface, automatic and manual order execution


Plenty of popular and reliable payment systems, funds withdrawal request minimum processing time

We have
made complex tasks simple!

Under the supervision of professional traders, our unique system is developed to provide maximum ease of use for clients.
The GMT Forex platform allows the company’s clients to copy successful traders’ transactions in real time

Everything is simple!
You earn, We earn

The GMT Forex Company has united more than 200 traders from all over the world who trade, using their real accounts. These traders’ transactions are copied to the GMT Forex platform, allowing Investors to make single-click transactions. Traders make a profit not only from their own funds turnover but also from Investors’ profits.

The ultimate solution for Forex Trading

The GMT Forex platform provides a fully-featured multilanguage user interface including online quotes, charts, and indicators. The copied traders’ orders come onto the platform in the form of “Buy and Sell” signals. All trading transactions are made in a single click, using the “One-Click Trade” system manually or automatically.

GMT Forex –
Trade with pleasure

Due to new technology utilization, you no longer have to waste your time, analizing the market or to make complex decisions. Experienced traders will do everything for you. Get profit while doing your own business.

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Powerful web and mobile platforms

Our platform is adapted to all types of devices

In cooperation with experienced traders and programmers our company has developed a unique technology, utilizing the “One Click Trade” system. The GMT Forex platform provides an accurate signal for buying or selling, using experienced traders’ help and analysis with up to 80% efficiency. Investors copy experienced traders’ transactions and multiply their capital with no risk of losing their deposits.
Both traders and investors make money, using the GMT Forex platform.