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GMT Forex is the first choice for earning money for both experienced traders and beginners who just joined the

Forex interbank market and do not possess proper experience.

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The basis of successful trading with GMT Forex

The GMT Forex Company offers clients to make deals with the most favorable trading conditions. You will no longer have to trade on your own and spend your precious time, analyze the market and take complex decisions. Our traders whose professionalism has been tested and proven by putting it to practice will do it for you. They trade around the clock, and their deals can be instantly and automatically copied to your account.

This is a new service feature which helps investors earn money without making a deal on their own, and allows traders to get extra profit for copying their deals.

Handy tool for effective trading

Due to advanced software including our own proprietary developments, our company presents a new tool for trading currency pairs. Using GMT Forex technology service, beginner traders can make their income from currency pair sales and purchases by copying signals from more experienced traders. The GMT Forex technology service’s main function is to provide beginners with the opportunity to copy deals from any other successful Forex trader in real time.

150$ Minimum deposit

to 15 day The number of signals

to 240$ day Stable income

Traders constantly monitor foreign exchange situation analyzing large amounts of information, making calculations, and efficiently giving an accurate price behavior forecast.



GMT Forex managers check signal accuracy and send it online to our service platform.

The processed signals arrive at our GTM Forex platform. Forex signal accuracy is up to 80%.

Buy and Sell

Buy and Sell



Users receive signals via our platform and make profits by a single click on a buy or sell button.

Your every click on the signal
Buy or Sell
buttona will bring you profit!

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What position will you take?

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Your deposits in a PAMM account – your stable
profit without taking any risks

If you have no time to trade using signals, then the company provides the option of investment in a PAMM account. In this case, you have to choose a manager depending on their rating, the profitability level (150-300% depending on a trader), and so on, and then invest in their PAMM account which will lead to making a profit after some time.

10$ - 10 000$

Minimum / Maximum

2 - 5%

The interest rate


Invested amound:
Daily interest:

10 - 10 000$
150 - 200%
1,5 х 2
2 х 4

Alex Invested $200
At 2% investment interest
PAMM at 200%
Payback of $400
3 months investment term

Еlena Invested $1,000
At 3% investment interest
PAMM at 200%
Payback of $2,000
2 months investment term

Michael Invested $5,000
At 3% investment interest
PAMM at 200%
Payback of $10,000
2 months investment term

Our company guarantees our customer deposits safety and makes much of their investment at the same time.


Get profits using our affiliate program!

When you are just about to start trading, you can make profits even without special knowledge but obtain it getting acquainted with our platform functions. For making profits, in this case, all you have to do is to attract partners into the GMT Forex platform and start receiving a certain interest of their profitable trade.

High-interest rates from referrals of levels 1 to 10

The choice of several sponsors

Referral profit level management

The opportunity to earn up to 15% from referrals

Join our affiliate programms!

This is a high-level customer service
in Forex trading

The company offers the most favorable conditions for successful online earnings with no knowledge necessary and a little time spent:

a highly profitable investment plan allows increasing your assets during a short time making a minimal deposit

the highest interest rates from referrals up to 15% from level 1 to 10. The possibility of raising interest rates at all levels

the possibility to receive profit from both active sponsors and direct partners who are in the network

Legal company
Security guarantee
52 currency pairs
Automated trading
24/5 Trading
Fast withdrawals
Minimum Deposit
Highly profitable investments
User-frendly interface
24/7 online support
Affiliate program
High commission rates

Social page for partners

In case you want to promote your referral link and yourself as part of the team, you can place your ad and your resume on this page. All you have to do is just to leave your credentials and your new partners will contact you.


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